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March 20th 2010

The Shelter

Saturday morning and me and my wife  just needed to take a break  from the days and days of “unbonded” labor at workplace. Racked our brains looking for place in and around Bangalore to go. The posts on the web looked interesting and promising, but the catch was the heat that was burning Bangalore to the depths.

Not willing to drive farther from Bangalore, we were lost trying to figure out the place that will give us the desired break while also help us relax during the trip.

Failing to decide on any single destination, we woke up on Saturday 7.00 am and decide to take the trip to Our Own Cubbon Park. We left around 7.30 am and drove to Cubbon Park. The minute our Bike turned to the parking lot at Cubbon Park, we both felt an instant peace in that place.

Trees and tress around with the only sound to accompany us, the birds natural chirping, the place was heaven. We spent an hour roaming around the whole place, stopping only when we felt the legs beg us. The stone bench welcomed us into its cool surface.. it was truly a worthwhile walk.

Butterflies are pretty pretty things

We both took a bench each and proceeded to lie down with our novels. The wind slowly playing with the trees and the leaves rustling up a cool breeze was all it took for us to shed the novel and keep looking up at the sky. The sun played hide and seek with us, peeking out from between the branches. The view was heavenly…!!! Different coloured birds chose to visit their families, giving the word “bird – watching” a truly new meaning.  Time and again, there would be a heavy gush of wind and the loose flowers would come twirling down and fall on us..

We had the time of our life,  lying there on the bench, watching the shower of flowers on us. When we decided to go, it was a heart warming moment for us, with a promise that we would come again very soon with our families to enjoy the beauty of nature.



The Path Way

Photographs: Courtesy: Motorola ZN5


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